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The reception of Prisoners of every description committed or remanded under the authority of any court in the country and the provision of security, nutrition and maintenance for them in accordance with prison rules,the escorting of remand prisoners to and from courts.
The general direction and administrative control of all prisons,reformatories and open prison camps.
Provision of training in the fields of industry,agriculture and animal husbandry and vocational training for the inmates in all prisons and reformatories.
Provision of welfare services in prisons and reformatories and after care services for prisoners released from prisons and reformatories.
Provide for research and training in the field of correction.

Appeal for AB+ Kidney
Mr. Geethapriya Elkaduwa, 42 years of Elkaduwa, Mathale who is the husband of Female Guard, Mrs. Indhra Wijewardhana working at Dumbara Prison and father with two children, is suffering from renal failure. Doctors at Kandy Hospital have recommended him transplanting  a kidney with AB+ blood group.
Anyone who would like to donate AB+ kidney, please contact on these numbers,

First School for Offenders called “Mahindodaya Sunitha Vidyalaya” was declared open by His Excellency President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mahinda  Rajapaksha on March 21, 2014 at Wataraka Work Camp. read more
“Heroes could not be assassinated”, a biography of Vera Keppetipola that was shined from creative acting of Welikada inmates, was performed for the first time at Towerhall Theatre –Maradana on 28th February 2014, with the participation of His Excellency President, Mahainda Rajapaksha. read more

According to a new concept of Honorable Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms, Mr. Chandrasiri Gajadeera,  a food exhibition, in favor of welfare of inmates and prison officers, was held successfully under the patronage of the First Lady, Honorable Mrs.Shiranthi  Rajapaksha at Galle Face Ground on 8th March 2014 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. read more

A program of growing vegetables without poison has been started at the Welikada Prison premise. Here, vegetables are grown free of chemical fertilizer. Further, a project of growing flowers without using chemicals has also been started off. Compost produced within the prison itself are used for these cultivations, said Superintendent of Prisons Mr.J.A.G.Jayasinghe. read more
With the intention of rehabilitating prison inmates, a scout camp, as a new concept to the Department of Prisons, was held for the first time in history under the patronage of Hon. Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms, Mr. Chandrasiri Gajadeera  and with the participation of Hon. Deputy Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms , Mr.Chandrasiri Muthukumarana over two days of 8th  and 9th February, 2014 at Pedro International Scout Camp,Nuwara Eliya. Objective of the camp is to integrate scout training into inmates rehabilitation procedure and thereby , strengthen their qualities like leadership, respecting others, collective work  and so on.read more
1233 prisoners said good bye to the prison after releasing under presidential pardon on 66th Independent Day fell on 4th February,2014. 1194 male and 39 female prisoners were among them. It was a significant event of bringing 1233 prisoners together from  all part of  Sri Lanka to Welikada Prison and releasing them after religious  blessings . This is the first time of releasing that many prisoners at once from one place.read more

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